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“Voice Buddy instantly puts you in the middle of the action and every command conveniently under your voice control.” – Fabrice Cambounet, Pacific Fighters Producer

IL2 SturmovikTM Forgotten Battles: Expansion Pack
pack_ace_small.jpg IL2 SturmovikTM Forgotten Battles: Expansion Pack is an incredible add-on allowing the Forgotten Battles owners to upgrade drastically their game. With new aircraft, environments, and effects.
  • New Flyable aircraft - At least 11 flyable aircraft including Ju-87D-3, Hurricane MK I & II and BF-109G-14.
  • New Non-Flyable aircraft - At least 10 AI aircraft including the Finnish Bristol Blenheim MK I, the IL4 & the Hungarian Ca-1.
  • 2 unexplored environments - 1 Finnish map area representing the Finnish front and Hungarian map area representing the Balaton Lake area in Hungary.
  • 2 brand new campaigns - One using the Finnish Map area and One using the Hungarian Map area.
  • 20 new single missions - 10 in Finland, 10 in Hungary.
  • 10 exciting cooperative Multiplayer missions - 5 on the Finnish Map area & 5 on the Hungarian Map area.
  • Dynamic campaign system - Will work with all existing Il-2 maps.
  • New AI ground objects for each new map area - Includes 3D modelling of new types of buildings for each new map area.
  • Improvements in flight dynamics –Featuring additional complex and precise calculations.
  • Ranking and award campaign system - For Finns and Hungarians.
  • Resign of AI – Includes improved AI since Il-2 release.

Product Specifications:
Publisher: Ubi Soft Entertainment
Developer: 1C: Maddox Games
Ship Date: Q1 2004
Category: Simulation (flight/combat)
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"Your virtual flying experience and combat success, will improve immeasurably with Track IR™."
–Ilya Shevchenko
Pacific Fighers Lead Development Producer

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