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“Voice Buddy instantly puts you in the middle of the action and every command conveniently under your voice control.” – Fabrice Cambounet, Pacific Fighters Producer


In Pacific Fighters and IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles you can record tracks real time while playing out missions offline or online.

To submit tracks, please send a Zip file including the track file and a text file description of the track (including running time) and send to Extreme_One

Only send the online '.ntrk' type files and not the '.trk' type files
(renaming my.trk to my.ntrk won't work either I'm afraid.)

The tracks below have all been submitted by fans and are available for download.
To install a track place it in the 'Records' directory of your 'IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles' or 'Pacific Fighters' folder.

Keep an eye on this page for official tracks...

IL2 (original game) Tracks Archive

Fan Tracks
Running Time
7min 06s

Pacific Fighters allows us to fly a beautiful floatplane, A6M2-N Rufe. It looks great but it's huge central float gear must induce great amount of drag and limit the fighter's roll rate. So before entering the battle with Russian I-153 I just leave it. Despite the lack of this part of my aircraft, I can still land and take off from water.
P.S. I must apologize church authorities from Smolensk for damaging their property, however not any visible harm was caused

Andrzej Rzoska
combined Install
8min 54s

Yak-9B can carry up to 128 2.5kg PTAB bombs... okay, this one carries a bit more ;) I think their original
application is attacking soft ground target, but here they appeared to be very useful against German Ju52's.
I approach in a classic up-and-under to avoid gunner, but instead of firing cannons, I drop PTAB's.
Can anybody guess what happened to the second(in formation) Ju? I didn't drop bombs on him when he lost the central engine.

Andrzej Rzoska
5min 28s

After viewing this video, you should be able to properly take-off a 262. Keys need to be binded for selecting specific engines. After that, its all practice!

4min 44s

Basic info on this is that after watching this video, you should know how to properly land a Me262. A lot of people hate this bad due to its landing and take-off characteristics, but once understood, she can be the must graceful bird in IL2.

4min 01s

Carrier landings seem to be the hardest for most folks so I will start with them. Just as on land, a good landing starts with a good approach...

9min 52s

Here's a track of me flying a YP-80 around 'Lez's Test Circuit'. First I go around the longer way, then the shorter way, before landing and self-destructing.

7min 21s

OK, so you've seen the invert under a bridge by now. Of course it's always impressive but wait until you see the He-111 pilot do it!

1min 01s
This track has a running time of 61 seconds. P-51D-5NT performs a 90 degree starboard roll and passes between two closely stacked chimneys. Immmediately following this, the aircraft sets up for an upright fly-under of the first bridge followed immediately by an inverted fly-under of the second bridge. (Watch the wingtip skim the water as the aircraft inverts for the second bridge!)
3min 30s
Winter, Airfield near Brandenburg-Briest ...4:30 p.m.
German Me-262 with the new R4M Rockets attack my comrades in their Pe-2.
My Yak-3 P and 2 Comrades have now a hard job...
Ralf Rothe
5min 50s
I was flying cap over targets during a night mission on BajaMaja, when I spotted a couple of contacts higher. I climbed up to identify and, seeing they were LA5FNs, decided to engage. There was another FW in the area, and this is the ensuing battle. I think the track demonstrates how FWs can out-roll a better turning opponent and how to use scissors, throttle and flaps to gain an advantage. Luckily, the encounter ended well.
This track demostrate the STOL capabilities of a J8A, making a dangerous short take off and landing in the field.
10min 47s
Fiat CR-42 action, strafing Russian vehicles. I'm flying a quick start mission and checking out how the Italian aircraft handles in turns and speed. I'm also practicing utilzing proper lead on the gunsite usage. I usually fly only a few specific planes but have been getting more interested in the other fantastic options Forgotten Battles provides us.
1min 20s
Nice track of some aerobatics in one of the ultimate stunt-planes; the CR-42. Check out the invert under a bridge!!
15min 50s
Online He 111 torpedo attack on Russian shipping. Me and my wingman takeoff to attack Russian shipping and are jumped by fighters and endure heavy AAA fire from the ships. Who will make it back? Watch and find out. You will like this one!
16min 39s
Bf-110G2 action, strafing Russian vehicles. I'm flying one of my own coop missions, practicing flying and getting used to TrackIR.
2min 28s
A short track showing P-47s of the 56th "Wolfpack" Fighter Group co-starring in my "Two little DUCs" campaign. Watch as they destroy a V-1 launch-site with pinpoint precision.
3min 54s
Mad Arados, one deciding to land on the ground and the other circling in a very unusual manner.
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"Your virtual flying experience and combat success, will improve immeasurably with Track IR™."
–Ilya Shevchenko
Pacific Fighers Lead Development Producer

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